Often referred to as “sniffer dogs,” canines trained to detect wildlife contraband are a growing part of international efforts to stem the flow of illegal wildlife and contraband products. Canines trained in detection have proven to be a valuable source of help in the reduction of trafficked ivory, rhino horns, sea turtles, and other protected species around the world. 

Acting as a partner to those organizations who fight to protect endangered species and domestic and international customs agencies, MAKOR provides comprehensive training to both dogs and handlers, and deploys teams to seaports and airports to serve in countries with high amounts of wildlife smuggling. We thoroughly assess our dogs to ensure that their temperament and talents meet or exceed the specific needs and objectives of screening agents around the world. Our ultimate goal is to end the criminal import/export of all endangered species and wildlife products and to provide the irrefutable evidence needed to convict international criminals. 

Find out why so many of our dogs are in service throughout the country and around the globe by contacting us about our world-class sniffer dogs now.