Acting as a dedicated partner, patrol service canines offer police officers, and the communities they serve, an unquestionable level of safety and security. Specifically trained to be disciplined, sociable, and of manageable temperament, our dogs are a benefit to any police force. Whether you simply desire the presence of a well-trained patrol dog (which has shown to increase community support and reduce crime rates) or you’d like a canine who has been cross-trained to provide a variety of detection services, MAKOR K9 of West Virginia & Indiana has a kennel of high-quality dogs ready to serve. 

What is a Single-Purpose Patrol Dog?

Simply stated, a canine trained in a single purpose provides a formidable layer of protection for police officers. A successful graduate of MAKOR’s single-purpose training becomes a trusted partner in law enforcement and a companion to his/her partner. 

What is a Dual-Purpose Patrol Dog?

Enhancing the daily duties of your patrol dog, the additional training a dual-purpose canine goes through prepares them for narcotics and explosives detection. The additional service protects the lives of officers and civilians while providing irrefutable evidence. 

For more information regarding our training and placement of exceptionally trained patrol dogs, contact the MAKOR K9 of West Virginia & Indiana team now.