At MAKOR K9 of West Virginia & Indiana, our experience in service dog training and placement gives us the understanding needed to correctly select canines for personal protection. Unlike canines trained in detection or patrol, those tasked with safeguarding humans must be naturally adept to doing so. 

Knowing that the temperament of the dog plays a key role in the success of the relationship between client and K9, we choose those breeds that can be sociable and loyal, as well as courageous and bold when necessary. MAKOR trainers strive to place canines in a position of protection of public citizens, executives, and their family members by seamlessly integrating the dog into their home and work environments. Though the service canine serves as a deterrent first, we also train our canines to follow handlers’ commands without hesitation or confusion, ensuring a formidable presence in dangerous situations. Promising unparalleled devotion and loyalty alongside undoubted guardianship, a MAKOR canine provides peace of mind in all situations. 

To find out more about our personal and executive protection training program, contact our team now. We promise exceptional service when it matters most.