Armed with a keen sense of smell, heightened hearing, exceptional sight, and virtually unending stamina, dogs play an integral role in all search and rescue efforts. Specially trained canines have the ability to act as an invaluable asset in criminal investigations, natural disasters, and missing person cases. Their help drastically reduces search times, increasing the chances that the lost or missing will be found alive. 

It is said that a single dog can be as effective as up to 30 trained human searchers. Having a search and rescue dog on your team not only saves time and money — it saves lives. 

At MAKOR K9 of West Virginia & Indiana, we provide comprehensive training in cadaver location (both land and water), human tracking and trailing, and air scenting. A MAKOR canine’s abilities can be used in both urban and wilderness settings. Whether you have a team of dogs on staff that you’d like trained in search and rescue or would like to secure one of our canines, you’ll enjoy quick training and placement for both handlers and dogs at our facility. 

Acting as partners with law enforcement agencies across the nation, MAKOR K9 of West Virginia & Indiana has become a leader in service dog training services, specializing in search and rescue instruction. Our center is equipped with a regulation FEMA agility course and we have full access to private water sources for cadaver detection training. From tracking human scents to navigating rubble piles, our dogs prove to be exceptional in their skills. To find out more about our extensive service K9 training, contact our team now.