Unrelenting in their duties, and always aiming to please, service canines continue to be the most effective and successful means of detection within a variety of environments. Serving their handlers within detention facilities with the same determination as they do bed bug and termite exterminators, K9s can be trained to detect almost anything. A properly trained and handled service canine dramatically cuts the cost of labor while minimizing personal risk to employees. MAKOR K9 of West Virginia & Indiana’s intensive training program prepares dogs for duty in the following: 

  • Accelerant detection 
  • Bed bug and termite detection 
  • Cell phone, contraband, and tobacco detection 
  • Human presence detection 

Placed in a variety of industries, including detention facilities, pest management, fire protection, and search and rescue, dogs trained in specialty detection and their handlers must possess a variety of skills. We generally choose from a variety of breeds to serve as specialty service dogs as different strengths play better with better roles. 

Upon request, we’ll pair your company or organization with a canine that has the specific talents and abilities to perform at a superior level. Find out more about how to get started by contacting us now.