The necessity of comprehensive explosives detection services is an unfortunate sign of the times we are living in. Police agencies and military forces, within our borders and internationally, are now faced with the task of keeping communities safe while reducing the danger posed by explosives. Rather than placing officers and troops at additional risk, many organizations are employing the use of service canines who are specifically trained in the detection of a variety of explosive devices.

As one of the more demanding and rigorous specialties, MAKOR’s explosive detection course thoroughly trains both handler and canine, expertly preparing both for the challenges of bomb detection. We generally choose sporting breeds such as German Shepherds for the service but can train others as well. All dogs are trained to passively indicate when the odor of explosives has been detected. 

Protect your team by adding a dedicated and selfless member to it. Protection, security, and companionship are the only goals of a MAKOR service dog. Discover the difference by contacting us now.